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Earn twice as much!

Lider Forex prepared something very special for all new investors.

Join global financial markets during February, trade and earn, and we will double all the profits that you make from the time of investment until 30.4.2016. Doubled profits will be added to your account as a special bonus!*

*Promotion applies only to investors who start in February

Rules and regulations

  1. Special bonus is credit bonus.
  2. Credit Bonus cannot be lost (if the minus on your open positions is same as your deposit, credit will be removed automatically). Client is getting STOP OUT when the amount of deposit become the same as credit
  3. To get the Credit Bonus as a part of your capital, you have to trade minimum 0.10 lots on the basinc instrument for every EUR or USD, where the hedge positions do not count, but only one direction trading (only BUY or SELL).
  4. If client gets STOP OUT before he traded his bonus, conditionally per approval of the broker and per next deposit, settlement of trades will not be canceled.
  5. When You fullfil reqiured amount of 0,10 lots for every EUR or USD of cash credit bonus, it will automaticly become a part of Your capital.
  6. In following countries bonus is approved only if depist is made via wire transfer: Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Ukraine, Cote d’Ivoire, Bangladesh, Russia and Egypt.
  7. Promotion ends on 29. February 2016.