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Frequently asked questions by our clients:

You can trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week on Forex market. The market opens on Sunday at 23h and closes on Friday at 22h.
Lider Forex gives you an opportunity to trade whenever the market is open, that is 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. From Sunday at 23h until Friday at 22h.
Lider Forex Support team is available to You 9-21h from Monday until Friday for all your questions or help with the deposit of funds.
To your trading history press Ctrl + T in order to acces the Terminal window where You can choose Account History tab. There You can right-click and You will see your trading history in HTML file.
Spread for Gold is $ 0.60 and spread for Silver is $ 0.05.
The minimal transaction amount is either € 100 or $ 100.
Yes, You can open both sell and buy positions with the same investment instrument at the same time. It is called hedging. For more information contact our Customer Support.
– Euro (EUR)
– American Dollar (USD)
– British Pound (GBP)
– Japanese Yen (JPY)
– Swiss Frank (CHF)
– Gold
– Crude oil
Free demo account, trading platform tailored for our clients and user friendly, up to € 2,500 in bonuses for first time opening of the real account and depositing funds, unlimited customer support as well as many additional activities for our customers. All of this and more is at Your disposal when you choose Lider Forex. With us as licensed and registered Forex company You can experience real Forex trading.
To use our Lider Forex WebTrader platform it is enough to own a computer with Windows operating system as well as an Internet connection.
Of course! Lider Forex allows You access to Your account from different places. All You need is a computer with installed platform or You can use our Lider Forex WebTrader platform to trade. Be very careful where and how You keep and use Your access data, username and password. If You enter Your data on other computers there is a possibility of if being saved and accessible for others who use those computers.
Lider Forex doesn’t have any commisions or extra costs.
Lider Forex allows You to issue buy and sell orders via Your computer, but also via our platforms for mobile devices with an Internet conncetion or through WebTrader platform.
Please visit our spreads page for more information. The spreads are fixed.
Our team is available 12 hours a day, from 9h to 21h, Monday to Friday. During this period You can contact us by phone or by a Live chat.
Yes, every adult can invest on Forex via Lider Forex.
We keep Your financial information in accordance with the regulations governing the market as well as corporate policy of our company. Information about Your account and Your personal financial information is securely stored with us.
The time required to open a real account depends on the amount of Your stake and how much it takes You to submit the required documents. If You deposit up to € 500 You will see Your money on the platform in a matter of minutes after depositing. For larger deposits it is required that You send us the documents. Usually this process is completed within one day from the time of your application. As soon as You send Your documents, our Customer Support will contact You and explain the details.
Yes, You can change Your personal data in the application form You sent us. When You finish editing the data, You can send the filled form via fax or e-mail.
For Your application to be accepted You need to confirm Your identity by sending:

A personal document – ID or passport
Scanned credit card used for depositing (You can hide the middle eight numbers)
A utility bill – telephone, electricity, Internet etc. to Your name.

If You don’t have a utility bill You can send another personal document with Your address.

Theses documents are needed to verify Your identity so You can withdraw the funds. In addition, these documents are required to send bonuses.
If there are no changes in data for the new account You do not need to send the documents again.
To open the real account visit our Open Real Account page and follow the steps.
Yes, You can open more Real Accounts in any currency You see fit.
To open the Demo Account visit our Open Demo Account page and follow the steps.
Every Demo Account is limited to 20 days, after that You have to open new Demo Account. Please contact our Customer Support for more details.
Every Demo Account is opened with starting € 100.000 which You can use to trade on Forex market. If You spend all Your money, Demo Account closes automatically.
Leverage is special and fixed for all trading instruments and can not be changed.
Lider Forex will not disclose or sell your personal information to third parties. All the data You send is securely stored with us. If You wish to stop getting e-mail Ukoliko ne želite da dobijate email announcement from us, You can always ask to be removed from our mailing list.
Just follow the instructions on our Open Real Account and Open Demo Accounts pages.
Miminal amount to start trading is €/$ 100.
If You are not able to access Your account or You forgot Your password, and You urgently need to close the positions, please contact us. Our Customer Support team is available every working day from 9 until 21h.
The funds can be deposited using one of the following methods:

Credit card: VISA or MASTER CARD
Bank transfer
Webmoney, Moneybookers or Neteller service

The fastest deposit method is the bank trasfer.
You can make the deposit either in euros or american dollars.
For deposits made using bank transfer the time period depends on the bank procedure.
Lider Forex does not take commissions for depositing or withdrawing of funds from your trading account. However, your bank may charge a commission on this transaction. We propose You inform about the details with the bank.
Just download the form for raising funds from our website, fill it out and send it by fax in coordination with a counselor from our support team. Upon receiving the request, the money will be transferred to the account. This procedure takes an average of 5 working days.
Upon receiving the proper requests for withdrawals, payment or money transfer to Your account the procedure lasts an average of 5 working days.
When You open the Lider Forex MetaTrader 4 Demo Account the spreads are identical to those on Real Account.
You need to have one of the following Windows versions on Your computer: 95, 98, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2010, XP, Vista, Windows 7.
It is possible, but You cannot access different accounts at the same time.
Lider Forex MetaTrader platform is set for CET which is London time +1 hour. All transactions and and accounts are executed in this time zone.
The main time zone for MetaTrader is local time zone.
First You need to close MetaTrader4. Then copy Your Expert Advisor into MetaTrader4 experts folder. After that open the platform, click the button in the Navigator tab and double click on the Expert Advisor. Left click and drag the icon on the graph to activate. The smiley icon should appear in the top right corner of the graph, and the Expert Advisor button should be green. If You failed to activate the Expert Advisor, smiley icon should not appear in the top right corner, and the Expert Advisor button in the tab should be red.
Clikc on Tools in the menu and choose Options. When the window opens, go to Server category and choose Change.
Clink on Terminal button and when the windows opens and the bottom of the screen choose Account History.
VPS (Virtual Private Server) allows Your Expert Advisor to work flawlessly, even when the computer is off. You must find a suitable provider to access and pay for the registration instructions. This service will be charged, but there are Forex brokers who are offering this service for free if you are their client.
WebTrader is the fastest way to start trading on a Forex platform. This is the platform which allows You to invest without risk and download files with nothing but an Internet connection, momentarily, anywhere in the world.
Lider Forex offers a solution for its loyal customers for executing transactions wherever they are on their mobile phones via our MobileTrader trading platform. All you need is a phone with GSM network and the Internet through your package so you can follow the market, buy or sell, close the positions, all from your mobile phone. All this for free!
Yes, Lider Forex gives You an opportunity to download and install MetaTrader 4 platform on Your computer fully FREE! Now You can enjoy all the advantages this system brings.
For more information visit the page with the download link.