MT4 Mobile

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Never lose any opportunity by Lider Mobil Trader! All investing tools are at your disposal! Lider Forex is proud of providing the mobile application that enables you to direct your investments from any where and any time in a way to make revolution in the finance world. Now it is very easy to make an investment in all the Parities, Gold, Oil and Stock Exchange indices any time you wish through the comprehensive Lider Mobil Trader that has been prepared in order to meet the needs of investors.

Working synchronously with other transaction platforms as well as being easy to use and accessible from any where, Lider Mobil Trader both saves your time and enables you to manage your investments from a single point. It is fully compatible with all smart phones in the market and with the most popular mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. Lider Mobil Trader provides all our investors with the following opportunities;

  • Real-time access to market data,
  • Fast and easy Buy and Sell transactions,
  • Detailed view of account statement,
  • Automatic transaction orders,
  • Hedge transactions,
  • Stop and limit orders,
  • Manage and cancel orders,
  • Graphics at the intervals of daily, hourly, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 minute,
  • More than 20 technical indicators,
  • Smooth transition from desktop to mobile via its user friendly interface

Now you too start to make a profitable investment with your iPhone, iPad or Blackberry from any place and any time without missing any opportunity.