Rollover Dates

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Lider Forex gives CFD trading on futures. All futures contracts have a maturity date. In order to allow continuous trading to our valued traders, Lider Forex changes matured contract with a new contract and a new price before maturity of each futures contract.

CFD Rollover Dates / Time:

SymbolCurrent ContractRollover dateNext Contract
CAC 40Aug 2017 (FCEQ7)13-Aug-17Sep 2017 (FCEU7)
IBEX35Aug 2017 (MFXIQ7)13-Aug-17Sep 2017 (MFXIU7)
AEXAug 2017 (AEXQ7)13-Aug-17Sep 2017 (AEXU7)
Crude OilSep 2017 (CLU7)20-Aug-17Oct 2017 (CLV7)
Brent OilOct 2017 (LCOV7)27-Aug-17Nov 2017 (LCOX7)
Natural GasSep 2017 (NGU7)27-Aug-17Oct 2017 (NGUV7)
GasolineSep 2017 (RBU7)27-Aug-17Oct 2017 (RBV7)
Heating OilSep 2017 (HOU7)27-Aug-17Oct 2017 (HOV7)
WheatSep 2017 (ZWU7)27-Aug-17Dec 2017 (ZWZ7)
SoybeansSep 2017 (ZSU7)27-Aug-17Oct 2017 (ZSV7)
CornSep 2017 (ZCU7)27-Aug-17Dec 2017 (ZCZ7)
CopperSep 2017 (HGU7)27-Aug-17Dec 2017 (HGZ7)
PalladiumSep 2017 (PAU7)27-Aug-17Dec 2017 (PAZ7)
HSIAug 2017 (HSIVQ7)27-Aug-17Sep 2017 (HSIVU7)
China A50Aug 2017 (CNQ7)27-Aug-17Sep 2017 (CNU7)
5 Year US T-NoteSep 2017 (FVU7)27-Aug-17Dec 2017 (FVZ7)
10 Year US T-NoteSep 2017 (TYU7)27-Aug-17Dec 2017 (TYZ7)
30 Year US T-BondSep 2017 (USU7)27-Aug-17Dec 2017 (USZ7)
  • If there is a significant difference in price between the contracts, it will be adapted to the interest on Your account so that if there is a price difference it will not affect Your profit and loss. In this way there will be no significant impact on net profit or loss..
  • All CFD traders who open accounts at the time of maturity will see price adjustment as a credit or debit. In addition, all existing conditional orders (stop or limit) which will be activated at the beginning of the new trading will be executed at the new market price.
  • All traders who do not want to expose themselves to price adjustment can close their accounts before the due date and open new afterwards.
  • Please contact us for more information on CFD and Forex trading.